Current Projects

Adaptation measures: risky or resilient?

We've found that some approaches to protect communities from natural events can actually make us more vulnerable.

Risk analysis in urban planning

Urban planning for climate adaptation requires significant risk analysis, so what more can be done?

Green space access and equity

What relationships exist in the spatial distribution of green space in cities and what socio-economic discrepancies exist?

Project schedule risk

Traditionally, project scheduling involves the critical path method, known for being biased. We are developing a better way.

Drivers of urban land surface temperature

What drives land surface temperatures in cities?


Prediction models

Reliable pre-harvest predictions of fruit size would be useful to growers. We demonstrate appropriate methods for the construction and testing of a predictive model using apple data.

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Measuring urban proximity

Using open-source algorithms we analyse the distance of residents to their core urban services. We enhance existing approaches to improve the ease of identifying service-poor people.

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